McNulty Sets Fire to the Rain
Just Over Half Done
Spiral Decay
Album Cover
Wire Buyers
The Daily Create; 10 x 10 + 100
Love Your Earth
DS106 Album Art
Cartoonize Bubba
For Sale: One Wired Greek
Omar: Chipmunk Style
Spreadsheet Invasion
"Silent Era" Back to the Future
GIFaChrome: The future of photography is here...
The Many faces of Dominic West
Allygator in response to Bagman
For Sale: One Wired Greek
Remix #1 (Visual): Twilight Gothic
Don't Wait Until the End of the World To read
Triple Troll Wire Epigraph
They Wait Around Like We Didn't Notice
Overcoming Audio Editing Fears
Screen Capture
Cartoonize Bubba
One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode
Lights! Camera Phone! Action!
Jesus Walks/MLK I Have A Dream Mash Up
Everywhere I Go They Just Copy and Paste Us
The Great Barksdale
Daily Create: Your Signature Style
London-Bridge Techno
DS106 is the best thing since...
Designing an App (or its icon anyways)
Stronger Breast Cancer Assignment
Yam Trek! Star Yam!
In Memory of Grant Christensen
Learning By Design
Return To The Silent Era: Moonrise Kingdom
Scarface...featuring Omar
The Wire in all its 8-bit glory
Colors in the End
Kuleshev Effect
Buckets Behind Bars
The Game Supercut
It's A Girl!
For Your Consideration…a Funky Twilight Zone Ringtone
Scary Voices
Firefly Minimalist Movie Poster
Dishonored Creed
DS106 Radio: Science Edition
An Original poem:  “The Wire”
Why I Chose A Tree
Aladdin Soudtrack Mash Up
The Wire Banner
All Me In Narnia
Triple Troll
Barriers to Being
Cyclone Laser Beam
It’s Halloween Season
I Can Read Alien
Brad Paisley Mash-Up
How I Procrastinate
Bagman Says a Tongue Twister
Emperor’s New Groove in 5 Seconds
Macklemore’s “Same Love” Speech & Song Remix
Classical Rap
It's a Kodak Moment in the House
Me & You
Designing an App Icon
Wired Book Room
Sketch a Screenshot
Giant Wafflestomping
Speech Remix
Cheese Mountain
Doodle an Adventure
Brothers Mouzone, No Move On
Man in the Arena
You's A Dime Piece
Averaging Concepts Using Flickr
All Sizes
Sunset in Melbourne, Australia
Cinema Mosaic
Yellow Prayer
30 Circles
Robert Oppenheimer
iPad in the fridge
Sunset in Indiana
There’s never been a paper bag…
“They Wait Around Like We Didn’t Notice”
Wire Buyers Ending Bumper
Dog Walkin' with Jaci
Return to the Silent Era: Edward Scissorhands
My 1200 mph Commute
Rainbow Visual Assignment
Why I Ride
The Wire Scrolls
The Speedy Photography
Silent Moonrise Kingdom
My Favorite Lyric
Ed Parkour
Sunset in Indiana
D’Angelo escapes prison and is on the run
What Makes Me Happy
Color Schemes In The Wire - Blue
Crazy Boats
My dog lucy as a cartoon
If you need us, we’re on the radio
A special darkness all my own
Dunkin Donuts Commercial The Wire
Pooper Scooper
Teach me how to Ziggy
Emo Cat
The Wire Banner
Cedric Daniels Giraffe
"What Did Omar Do Before The Wire?"
Welcome to the Twilight Zone
Mendel Logo
"Falling" Rocks
Hat +Tiny Eyes
Emotional watering hole
It's a Kodak moment in the house!
Today is a special day
Omar Little-Pumped Up Kicks [CONTAINS WIRE SPOILERS]
Tree Photography
Seuss-Twilight Zone Remix
Dinner Time!
Where Are They Now
Dedication To My Mom
About Me
Sunset in Melbourne, Australia
New Morning Star
Color = Life
McNulty Sets Fire to the Rain
I cast legendary creature "Omar"
The Right Logo For Me
Vulcan Mindmeld Incoming....
If Samuel L. Jackson were a Chipmunk
Moonrise Silent Film
Arcade Fire & Talking Heads Assignment 1
Now You're in the Game GIFs
Splash The Color
Minimalist Poster
The Wire: Downton Shabby
Dem Venn Boi's
Minimalist poster
Minimalist Movie Poster (X Files)
Backwards Shootout
Tiny Snowman
Fake Treats
The Wire, Minimalist Style
The Game
That Pesky Sound Cloud
The Office Trailer
How to Ziggy
The Office Trailer
Drawing Jim Groom
The Sounds of a City
Stringer and Avon Fight  Chipmunk Style
A new game of chess
The Book of Life Silent Film!
Emperor's New Groove in 5 Seconds
Tina's 2001 Odyssey
Time Remix
Wire 106 Epigraph