Intergalactic Gasoline
To Ruin TRON
A Wedding Because They Cantaloupe
Atta Boy, Go on That Safari
Creative Hands
We’re Going on a Trip in Our Favorite Rocket Ship
We’re Going on a Trip in Our Favorite Rocket Ship
Let's Get Blitzy
You're Not Going to Say Anything?
The Ultimate Merger
Seeing Light Through the Darkness
Washington DC: Only the Tourists Drive
Groom(ing?) The Ewok
Website Banner
Design Assignment
Sketchy Dr. Groom on Assignment
Life By Savanna
The Steadfast Sleuths Promo
Brothers Mouzone, No Move On
Wire 106 Epigraph
Minimalist Movie Poster (X Files)
The Wire, Minimalist Style
30 Circles
For Sale: One Wired Greek
Designing an App (or its icon anyways)
I cast legendary creature "Omar"
D’Angelo escapes prison and is on the run
Cyclone Laser Beam
"Falling" Rocks
That Pesky Sound Cloud
Pooper Scooper
For Sale: One Wired Greek
The Wire Banner
Scarface...featuring Omar
Learning By Design
Cartoonize Bubba
The Many faces of Dominic West
The Wire in all its 8-bit glory
Splash The Color
Cedric Daniels Giraffe
Spreadsheet Invasion
Buckets Behind Bars
Seuss-Twilight Zone Remix
All Sizes
One Story / Four Icon Twilight Zone Episode
Welcome to the Twilight Zone
Don't Wait Until the End of the World To read
Sunset in Indiana
Color = Life