Cedric Daniels Giraffe

Artist's Name: Jeremy Hillberry


This was my favorite of the animal hybrids, because I also see a giraffe-like body when Cedric Daniels walks across a scene.  He has a long neck and a slender build and his walking gait consists of long strides and the entire package combines to seem very giraffe-like to me.

The choice of Daniels and the aligning of his head onto the animal neck was good, but the best aspect is the surprised look on Daniels’ face.  He’s not entirely sure how he morphed into a giraffe, but there he is.  This work made me want to go grab character faces and stick them on all sorts of animals to make my own bizarre menagerie!

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Recommended by: Kris Hooks

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  1. I also was going to do this post as an inspire! I love it and it suits Cedric perfectly. I will write more in a blog post about why this post inspires me.

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