Let’s Get Blitzy

Artist's Name: Amanda Layton


I was inspired by Amanda Layton’s “Let’s Get Blitzy” post which includes a bunch of pictures that describe certain concepts in art. She chose to do the words color, topography/form/unity/balance, message, proportions and rhythm, and minimalism. 

This work inspired me because of the way she used perspective in all of the photos. Four out of five of the photos were of cupcakes (or something related), but she used them to express different concepts. This is inspiring to me because it gives me a new perspective. It showed me how you can find differnet meanings and messages in very similar things. I also liked how she used the concept of color to emphasize that color can be used to make a small intense statement, and not overwhelm or just be colorful. Still, my favorite part of her post was that she used cupcakes in general! They were cute and looked delicious, plus anything done with food gets bonus points in my book!

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