Meet Sasha Kellogg

Artist's Name: kkroehl


One of my favorite things on everyone’s websites is their characters. I love reading about the different personalities they give to them. I think its really interesting to read all of the individual basckstories and see how these characters develop throughout the new posts. So, while looking through these posts, I decided to post one on the Inspire page. 
Sasha Kellog is a very different character from most of the ones I read. She was brought up in luxury at first, but her whole world turned. Now she is pretty traumatized and seems to not be able to trust anyone.
I was inspired by the information on this character because of the development Sasha went through. Everything that was desrcibed about her made sense, and you can almost picture a time-line of her emotions. Being consistent in character development is very important, and I think Sasha Kellogg is a great example of that consistency.

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