“What Did Omar Do Before The Wire?”

Artist's Name: John Meadows


For my second “inspire” assignment, i continued to look in the assignment and stumbled upon John’s “Where are they now” assignment. This was similar to Brittany’s in the sense that after seeing this, i wanted to do it. This was hilarious. I loved how John did this. You always see on Buzzfeed the “where are they now” and it’s really fun! I ended up doing this assignment with the characters from The Wire and what they did after. It’s one of my favorite assignments that i’ve done so far and it not only inspired me to do, but to put forth  more effort. I didn’t want to just slap a picture of McNulty in my blog and write “now is rock start”. I was inspired to be creative with this and write a whole story for each character. Again, this assignment was fun, creative, and worth it! 

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